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Safety is our Priority

  • Newborn babies are very delicate when they are born. Hence, they need utmost care and handling during the shoot to ensure their safety.

  • We ensure that the props we choose are completely safe for the newborn babies. We always have an assistant during each and every shoot, who provides undivided attention to your baby to make sure that everything is absolutely safe. We also take help from parents during the shoot to spot the baby.

  • Many of the photos that we shoot are composite photos (a photo made up of several photos), which ensures that the baby is supported all the time and is extremely safe.

  • Even though newborn babies are very flexible, we make sure that the baby is not forced into a pose that he/she is not comfortable in.

  • We also regulate the studio temperature at about 23 - 26 °C. This is one of many techniques that we use to keep your baby cozy and sleeping.

  • We hear a bit of concern from a few parents regarding using studio lights. Studio lights are not harmful at all. The studio / strobe lights that we use do not emit any kind of heat or radiation. Also, newborns have typically smaller pupils, which means less light reaches the retinas.

  • Our motto at WiggleBum Infant Photography is to deliver the most adorable photos to the parents by giving safety of the baby the highest priority. 

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