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Frequently Asked Questions


1 -  How old are the newborns that you typically photograph?

A - It is ideal to photograph newborns between their first 4 - 10 days. During this time, the baby sleeps for 20+ hours a day and remains in a wonderful ‘curl’ from the womb. After 10 days, the baby starts to push their limbs out a little and are awake for longer periods of time. If your baby is older than 10 days, don’t get discouraged! Give us a call! The session will likely take a little bit longer, but we still get amazing photos.

2 - When should I book my newborn session?

A - We set aside a limited number of sessions each month so that each client receives our personal attention. To secure your desired session time, please contact us as soon as you can. We add a tentative date around your due date into our calendar upon booking. Once the baby arrives, you will then contact us to schedule your session.

3 - How much do you charge for a session?

A - We always customise our package to suit every client's need. For further information on pricing please contact us.

4 - What can I do to prepare for my newborn session?

A - Try to keep your newborn awake for an hour prior to the session, and plan to feed your baby just before leaving your home or when you arrive at the studio. If you are nursing, it is best to keep a bottle of expressed milk on hand for use during the session. Pacifiers are also extremely helpful for allowing us to calm your baby during the session.

5 - Will you'll come to my home for the newborn photo session?
A - We generally do not advice home shoots as we have a lot of props and set up requirements. Additionally, the ample amount of studio space is comfortable to get the right workflow. However, if you do really want us to shoot at your home, it is possible at an additional cost.

6 - What happens if my baby starts crying or gets fussy?

A - It’s completely NORMAL for your baby to wake up during the photo session and sometimes get a little fussy. We continue to work through their fuss with warmth, a little rocking and a bit of patience. Your baby will likely require a feeding at some point during the session and this usually solves the more dramatic fussiness issues. At that point we will all take a break and you will be able to give your baby a full feeding or bottle feed.

7 - What happens if my baby urinates or has bowel movements?

A - This is completely normal and expected. Please sit back, relax, and let us handle everything.

8 - How many people can I bring to the photo shoot?

A - Newborn sessions really do require a calm and patient environment and the more people there are around, the higher the excitement and energy levels, which is very natural when there are multiple people gathered together. We would suggest only the Mom, Dad and Baby to be present, and if you want sibling photos, we can accommodate siblings in the shoot as well.

9 - Can I take a photo with my baby?

A - Absolutely! We do family sessions during the newborn shoot.

10 - I saw a particular pose or set design that I would like you to incorporate in my shoot. Is that possible?
A - You can send us some reference pictures / poses, which you want us to incorporate in the shoot before hand. We will try our best to source those props, but if we are unable to source them, you are welcome to purchase them at your expense. We always begin with a set of ideas, but quite often we have to be flexible depending on your baby’s sleep habits, feeding schedule and personality. Additionally, not all newborns are “moldable” for certain positions based on weight, age, flexibility and body structure. As for props, we are constantly switching our props and adding new ones to keep sessions unique and fresh.

11 - Can I bring any props that are sentimental?
A - Yes! We would be really happy if you do bring any unique props – letters, clothing, baseball glove, stuffed animals, etc. It will make your pictures much more personal. We will work your props into the sets when possible and let you know if something will not work.

12 - How many images will I receive?

​A - You will receive between 15 - 30 images in your gallery, based on the package that you pick. We understand it seems a little odd to go through a photoshoot and hear so many clicks, and then receive fewer images, but we need you to understand that we will provide you with the best edited photos.

13 - Can I get all the raw photos of the session?

A - No. We only provide the edited photos.

14 - Do I get to choose which photos I will receive?

A - You need to trust our talent and creativity that we will shortlist and provide to you the best photos. However, if you are unhappy with some of the images, we will try our best to resolve that issue.

15 - When will I receive the photographs?

A - You will receive the photographs within 2 - 3 weeks of the shoot - depending on how packed our schedule is, as it takes a while to edit and provide you with extremely high resolution images.

16 - How will I receive my photographs?

A - We will provide you with high definition digital copies that will be shared with you over google drive or if you do prefer it in your device, we can transfer them in your hard disk or provide you with a DVD.

17 - Do you provide printed copies as well?

A - Our base package includes only digital copies, but we do provide a wide range of High Quality Printing Solutions right from Frames and Canvas printing to Coffee Table Books, at an additional cost.

18 - I would like to use an image or two for my announcement card. Is that possible?
A - Of course! If you let us know in advance that this is the case, we can arrange few props that can make your announcement photo more interesting and also retouch and provide you with one high resolution image for your birth announcement cards shortly after the session.
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